Don Higgins Courtyard

 The courtyard can comfortably host up to 90 people. The room includes a large water fountain, wooden picnic table, gas BBQ grill, flower boxes, potted plants, and two outdoor electrical outlets.                                                                                                   The courtyard has served events from small potluck BBQs to cozy weddings. The courtyard is only available as an add-on to another space inside the facility.                                                                                                                                                                     The season we rent out the courtyard is typically between April and September.

Don Kelley Conference Room

 The conference room holds up to a dozen people around an oval table. The room is equipped with a whiteboard, small table, and two phone jacks.                                                                                                                                                                                         The Don Kelley conference room is perfect for any meetng of any kind and has served as a great add-on option when renting out a different room for larger events.

Newton Lounge

 The versatile lounge accommodates as many as 72 people. The room is equipped with a marble countertop, hand sink with dimming lights overhead, built-in projector and screen, and a door directly                                                                                                 to the Don Kelley conference room. The Newton Lounge has served a variety of events, from workshops and trainings to receptions of any occasion.

W.C.C.C. Gymnasium

The space holds about 400 people comfortably and offers a 532 sq. ft. stage with customizable steps and red velvet curtains. The room also includes four bleachers, several wrestling mats,                                                                                                             and five basketball hoops. The space has a large red screen available to divide the gym in half, motion-censored lighting, and an exit/entrance door to the parking lot and the gym’s private restrooms.                                                                                            Our gymnasium is ready to go for any fitness class or sports event but has also accommodated everything from community fairs to dance and theatre events. The room is available to rent during the school year                                                                    from 8:30AM to 3:00PM and after 6:30PM on weekdays. During the summer months of June through August, the gym is available after 6:30PM on weekdays. We have full availability on weekends.

E.J. Mason Auditorium

 This room can comfortably host 50-80 people, offering mirrors along two of the walls. The Mason is particularly fitting for physical recreation and has worked nicely for anything from birthday parties                                                                                               to community forums. The room is available after 7PM Monday to Thursday, after 5PM on Friday, and all day on Saturday and Sunday.