Youth Development

The Youth Development programs offered at West Central provide children and teens numerous opportunities to participate in fun, active and educational activities in a safe and nurturing environment. CLICK HERE TO ENROLL FOR CHILDCARE .                                                                                                              Phone: 509.323.7501                                                                                                  Email:                                                                                

WIC (Women, Infants, and Children)

The WIC program is a vital service available at WCCC providing important health and nutrition education, breastfeeding support for new mothers, and access to healthy foods to help support healthy families.                                                  Phone: 509.323.7497                                                                                                Email:                                                                           

Supportive Services

Two programs, one private pay and one County funded, provide adults with developmental disabilities opportunities to participate in numerous activities throughout our community. Friendships are developed and clients are encouraged and motivated to be active in physical fitness, music, arts and crafts and other stimulating activities.                                                                              CLICK HERE TO ACCESS LSC'S NEWSLETTER & CALENDAR                                           Phone: 509.323.7517                                                      Email:                                                                                 

Head Start

This program provides early childhood education, social services, and health services for eligible young children and families, including those with special needs. Nurturing child growth and development, Head Start is a safe and secure environment that enhances children’s skills and abilities for school success.        Phone: 509.279.6340                                                                                                          

Unify Community Health Clinic

This full-service clinic is open five days a week providing health care for patients of all ages. Well child examinations, immunizations, sports check-ups and family medicine are among the many services provided.                                                  Phone: 509.326.4343                                                                                                          

Room Rentals

WCCC offers hourly, half-day, and full-day rates for weekdays and weekends. Call or email if you are interested in renting a room. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT OUR ROOMS                                                                                                Phone: 509.326.9540                                                                                      Email: