Marissa’s Lids for Kids


In the Spring of 2012, the West Central community of Spokane, WA was greatly impacted by the loss of one of their own after five year old Marissa fell from her bicycle while not wearing her helmet.
West Central Community Center, Audubon Elementary School, Northeast Youth Center and West Spokane Kiwanis have joined forces to facilitate Marissa’s Lids For Kids, a bicycle helmet giveaway and education program for under served children in Spokane, WA.

Our goal is to decrease the number and severity of head injuries associated with riding bicycles. Along with a free helmets, Marissa’s Lids for Kids provides education materials and proper helmet fitting assistance to ensure children use their helmets appropriately and understand their importance. We believe every child in Spokane should have their own bike helmet and know how to use it properly. We also believe it takes a community to accomplish such a giant and important task. We rely on donations from community organizations, local businesses and people like you.

To get involved or to request a helmet giveaway at your event, call 509-323-7501

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