Community Access Specialist

JOB SUMMARY: The Community Access Specialist is responsible for helping individuals with disabilities connect to their communities through various events, activities, volunteer work, and outings within the community. This position focuses on Senior Citizens with developmental disabilities to enjoy their retired years through community involvement. This position also facilitates community involvement for individuals under age 62 that have participated in employment services and choose to transition to Community Access. This position assesses skills and interests for clients on their caseload, develops and implements service plans, develops leads and contacts within the community, and secures activities that enrich the lives of each client. In most instances the Community Access Specialist facilitates the involvement of the client and assure their safety within the community.


Participant Program Preparation and Implementation

  1. Responsible for assisting program manager with assessing participant needs, wants, and talents, participant’s scheduled individualized programs, annual assessments, goals and objectives and various activities as assigned.
  2. Research and provide one-on-one outings for CA clients in compliance with all Spokane County Community Access guidelines.
  3. Assist with planning individual programs and activities to fit individual needs, assets and capabilities with home sites, guardians, and case managers.
  4. Follow the guidelines for the Spokane County Community Services ‘Statement of Work.’
  5. Attend County trainings as provided. Must accumulate at least 15 hours of annual training.
  6. Answer program inquiries or refer to program manager.
  7. Attend participant’s annual ‘Individual Service Plan’ meetings with Case Managers.
  8. Provide attendant care and/or other supports, as necessary.

Home Sites

  1. Responsible for maintaining communication with home sites, informing them of changes in schedule and participant behavior.
  2. Record participant’s information on activity logs after every activity.

Record Keeping / Documentation I File System

  1. Responsible for maintaining client records which include daily contact and activity logs, monthly progress reports, attendance sheets, documentation of participant behaviors, phone logs, incident reports, and other record keeping as required; file in participant’s files as appropriate.
  2. Update activity logs daily and submit to program manager within two business days of the start of the month.
  3. Prepare monthly calendars of planned activities and schedule in advance of month and provide to home-sites.
  4. Responsible for keeping paperwork up-to-date and accurate as required by Spokane County.
  5. Maintain all reports including six month and annual reports. Submit to Case Managers, Guardians, and Spokane County representative.
  6. Maintain an electronic database, including names and contact information, of community network and contacts.
  7. Prepare incident reports at the time of any incident and submit to program manager and/or supervisor within 24 hours.
  8. Submit requests for reimbursement to Accounting department within one business day of the close of each pay period.
  9. Utilize Center’s timekeeping software to clock in hours worked on a daily basis.


  1. Be a self-starter, show initiative to get projects completed, ability to work independently with attendance, punctuality and clear communication style a priority.
  2. Follow all staff safety rules, policies and procedures and assure safety of participants and their belongings as well as all automotive safety protocols for vehicle use.
  3. Attend WCCC staff meeting and department staff meeting.
  4. Provide support and assistance to program leaders.
  5. Insure accuracy of all client and program records keeping within the prescribed timeline.
  6. Advocate for the rights and opportunities for people with developmentally disabilities at all times and in a professional manner.
  7. Maintain required level of auto insurance on personal vehicles. Employee must have prior authorization from Program Manager to use personal vehicle. A Center owned vehicle must be used for all outings if available.
  8. In addition to the above other tasks may be assigned by the Program Manager or the Executive Director.